Wastewater Systems / Summit Lake Sewer

November 2009 – Construction Update

The low pressure sewermain has been completely installed and all tie-ins have been completed.  The contractor is currently finishing up the individual service connections by connecting them to the main line and installing individual curb stops.  The curb stops have been installed close to the main line, as such there was no excavation required at the majority of residents’ property line.  However, residents may notice that their service line is sticking up out of the ground approximately 10-15ft within their property.  Each line should have been marked with a stake, as some of the pipes have been buried with the snowfall. 

Lagoon construction has been halted due to adverse weather conditions until the Spring of 2010.  The earthworks for the lagoon are approximately 50% completed.  The access road to the lagoon via Minabubi Bay Road has been completed, subject to final grading and cleanup in the Spring.  Any surface restoration, an example being the intersection of Huble Road and Summit Lake Road will be revisited in the Spring. 

August 2009

Construction contract awarded to Sharp Construction of Prince George.

May 2008

Dayton & Knight Ltd. was awarded the engineering contract. Throughout the summer and fall of 2008 Dayton & Knight worked on the environmental assessment of the proposed lagoon site as well as developing the preliminary design details.

December 2008

The Regional District received a grant from the Canada/British Columbia Municipal Infrastructure Program for the construction of a community sewer system in Summit Lake. The $1.6 million will cover 2/3 of the estimated cost of $2.5 million. The remaining $800,000 is to be recovered from residents of the service area.

Typical Tank Setup - Tallus Road TankSetupTallusRd.pdf (126 Kb)
Typical Tank Setup - Adams Road TankSetupAdamsRd.pdf (102 Kb)
Grinder Pump Schematic - Adams Road AdamsRdPumpScematic.pdf (99 Kb)
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