Waste Reduction / Recycling


Satellite Drop - Depot Locations

Drop-depot sites can be found in Prince George, Mackenzie, McBride, Dunster and Valemount.  Satellite drop-depots are located throughout Prince George where recycling bins are provided for the collection of all paper fibre and metal food and beverage containers.  Drop-depot locations include:

  1. Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill
  2. Quinn Street Recycling Depot
  3. Vanway Transfer Station
  4. Bear Lake Transfer Station
  5. Buckhorn Transfer Station
  6. Chief Lake Transfer Station
  7. Cummings Rd Transfer Station
  8. Hixon Transfer Station
  9. Shelley Transfer Station
  10. West Lake Transfer Station
  11. Willow River Transfer Station
  12. Dunster Transfer Station
  13. McBride Transfer Station
  14. Valemount Transfer Station
  15. District of Mackenzie Landfill
  16. Cascades Recovery Inc (8545 Willow Cale Road)

MMBC Depots

  1. Hart Return-It Centre (6665 Hart Highway)
  2. PG Recycling & Return-It Centre (2614 Peterson Road)

Blue Bin Curbside Recycling in the City of Prince George

September 1 2014 – Multi-Material BC (MMBC) began a curbside recycling program for packaging and printed paper for residents in Prince George (who currently receive curbside garbage collection). Residents were provided with two blue recycling boxes; one for paper products, the other for container recycling. For a list of what is accepted in this recycling program refer to the recycling guide that was included with the bins or visit www.RecyclinginBC.ca

Expanded list of accepted materials as of January 1, 2017

Christmas Waste Reduction Ideas