Composting / Keep Fruit & Berries Out of Compost


Fruit Trees and Compost Operations at Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill

Bringing yard waste to the transfer station or Foothills Landfill?

Please ensure there is no fruit included in the load – apples, crab apples and berries attract bears to the composting facility.


Want to avoid bears in your backyard?

  • Pick fruit and allow it to ripen indoors or pick daily as it ripens. Do not allow windfall to accumulate on the ground.
  • If you have more fruit than you can use visit the Prince George Fruit Exchange Facebook page or contact the Northern Bear Awareness Society at 778-281-2327 for more information.
  • Apples can also be donated to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society. Apples must not be unripe or rotten. Drop off in Prince George at 2050 Robertson Rd (Independent Glass Distributors Ltd.).