Solid Waste Management / Landfills

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George operates two municipal solid waste landfills and one select waste landfill.

The Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill currently receives 96% of the municipal solid waste disposed of in the RDFFG. This landfill is located within the City of Prince George.

The Mackenzie Select Waste Landfill provides disposal services to the northern part of the region and also offers marshalling areas for fridges/freezers, metal, oil & filters, and anti-freeze.

The Legrand Select Waste Landfill accepts select inert waste from both private and public sectors. Inert waste includes demolition, land clearing debris and construction waste. Disposal is by appointment only.

Secure Loads

All loads arriving at Regional District facilities must be secured, or a double charge may be applied.

“Secured Load” means motor vehicles entering the landfill shall have their loads adequately covered and secured to prevent materials from shifting, moving, leaking, spilling, escaping, falling from, falling through, being blown off, dislodged from or deposited outside the vehicle while in transit.

Although item/items you are transporting may be heavy or packed in tightly, this still does not warrant it “secure”.

Secure the load with enough cargo net, ropes, chains, straps, and/or bungee cord so the load cannot shift, move or fall out.

Cover the load completely with a tarp. The tarp must be tied to the vehicle to secure the load.

Bylaw No. 3166, Amendment Bylaw No. 3245, 2021 establishes tipping fees and regulations for solid waste disposal at Regional District facilities.

Please be advised that swipe cards are invalid when a double charge is applied.

For examples of which loads need to be covered and secured please ask attendant for handout.