Land Use Planning / Current Applications

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Instructions for Participating in a Public Hearing 

Electoral Area A

BYLAW 3195
Owner: 1216590 BC Ltd. Inc. No. BC1216590 Agent: Gordon Bliss Consulting
Location: Pilot Mountain Road Area
Bylaw No. 3195 is proposed to rezone the subject property from Rural 1 (Ru1) to Rural Residential 2 (RR2) to facilitate subdivision, or other permitted uses pursuant to the RR2 zone. The subject property is The North ½ of the North East ¼ of District Lot 2415 Cariboo District.

Electoral Area H

BYLAW 3224
Owner: Arlan and Janet Baer Agent: Myron Baer and David Salayka
Location: 5718 Lee Road
An application for a zoning amendment has been made to accommodate a subdivision. The proposal is to subdivide the existing property at 5718 Lee Road into three parcels. Under the existing zoning the property cannot be subdivided into more than 2 lots; consequently, the applicant is proposing to rezone to property to Rural 1 (Ru1) to accommodate this subdivision.