Development / Economic Opportunities

The Regional District plays an important role in promoting economic diversification throughout the region.  The Regional District facilitates the strengthening of relationships between existing economic development agencies and partners with these agencies to pursue opportunities that benefit an electoral area, sub-region or the region as a whole.  The Regional District is committed to participating in and supporting efforts to diversify the region. Below are several sources developed to assist investors in making sound business decisions to locate or expand in the area.

Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Economic Opportunities


District of Mackenzie


Robson Valley Region Economic Opportunities


  Robson Valley Industrial Land Profile

  Robson-Canoe Valleys Economic Opportunities Plan



Village of McBride - Business

Village of Valemount - Economic Development

Robson Valley Economic Sectors

The 2010 Economic Opportunities Plan identified five sectors that the valley will most likely excel in.

Active Retirees Opportunities OppSheet-ActiveRetirees.pdf (416 Kb)
Agri-Food Opportunities OppSheet-Agrifood.pdf (497 Kb)
Forestry Opportunities OppSheet-Forestry.pdf (500 Kb)
Business and Professional Opportunities OppSheet-IndBus.pdf (419 Kb)
Tourism Opportunities OppSheet-Tourism.pdf (405 Kb)