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Thank you for your interest in housing across the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George!

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is completing a Housing Needs Assessment to better understand housing challenges across Electoral Areas A, C, D, E, F, G and H. The process, including substantial community engagement, will continue throughout 2021 and the final report is expected in late Fall.

A key component of the engagement process is a community survey that has been completed to capture information about your housing needs, expenses, and concerns you see in your community. This survey will help us build a more complete picture of the housing situation in our communities. As we grow and change, the data and information provided will help address the housing needs and demands in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George area both today, and tomorrow.

What is a Housing Needs Assessment?

A Housing Needs Assessment is a report that describes current and anticipated housing needs in a community by collecting data, analyzing trends and speaking with community members. It is also a relatively recent requirement under the Local Government Statutes (Housing Needs Reports) Amendment Act, 2018 which requires Local Governments to develop a Housing Needs Report every five years to better inform and understand the kind of housing most needed in their communities by identifying existing and projected gaps in housing supply.

All housing needs reports are required to contain the following, based on an analysis of the information collected:

  • Statements about key areas of local need, including: affordable housing, rental housing, special needs housing, seniors housing, family housing, and shelters and housing for people at risk of homelessness
  • The number of housing units required to meet current and anticipated housing needs for at least the next five years, by housing type. Housing ‘type’ is defined as dwelling size (number of bedrooms)
  • The number and percentage of households in core housing need and extreme core housing need

Continue to visit this page for ongoing news about the study, engagement opportunities, and other important information over the coming months. More information is available by contacting the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George or M’akola Development Services, the consultant leading the project:

Kenna Jonkman, MCIP, RPP
General Manager of Development Services
Regional District of Fraser-Fort George
Phone: 250.960.4400  Email: kjonkman@rdffg.bc.ca 

Sandy Mackay, MCIP, RPP
Housing Research and Policy Lead
M’akola Development Services
Phone: 778.265.7489  Email: smackay@makoladev.com 

Funding support for the Housing Needs Assessment project is provided by the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM).