Member Areas / Crooked River - Parsnip

Electoral Area G, Crooked River-Parsnip

Electoral Area G occupies over 18,000 square kilometres stretching north of Prince George to the Pine Pass. Communities include Summit Lake, Bear Lake, McLeod Lake and Mackenzie. There are 334 residents in the rural areas who are represented by Director Pat Crook. Region-wide services provided include solid waste management, 9-1-1 emergency response, fire services coordination, regional parks, land use planning, building inspection and heritage conservation. Other Regional District Services are provided in communities where residents have opted to pay for them, including street lighting, the Azu Water System, the Bear Lake Cemetery, Ambulance Station, Water System and Recreation Facilities. The Community Hall in Bear Lake is owned and operated by the Regional District.
Regional Parks in Area G include John Dahl, located within the District of Mackenzie and Giscome Portage north of Prince George, site of the historic Huble Homestead.