Elections and Assent Voting
2022 General Election / Nomination Documents EA Director

2022 General Local Election Nomination Documents - Electoral Area Director

The nomination documents have been put together for anyone interested in being nominated for the office of Electoral Area Director.

For information on the nomination or election process, contact the Regional District's Chief Election Officer or Deputy Chief Election Officer at 250-960-4400 or 1-800-667-1959.

For information on campaign financing, contact Elections BC at 1-855-952-0280 or www.elections.bc.ca

Forms are specific to each Electoral Area, please see table below for the appropriate nomination documents.

Part 1 - Forms to be Completed

Candidate Nomination Package

  • C1 – Candidate Cover Sheet and Checklist Form 
  • C2 – Nomination Documents
  • C3 – Other Information Provided by Candidate
  • Statement of Disclosure: Financial Disclosure Act
  • C4 – Appointment of Candidate Financial Agent
  • C5 – Appointment of Candidate Official Agent
  • C6 – Appointment of Candidate Scrutineer
  • Candidate Information Release Authorization for Civic Info BC
  • Release of Personal Information Waiver (optional)




 Part 2 - Information

  1. Notice of Nomination Period
  2. Director’s Remuneration and Expenses
  3. Regional Board Remuneration Consolidated Bylaw No. 2382
  4. Director Expense Reimbursement Policy
  5. Technology Expense Policy
  6. Regional District Director – Role Description
  7. Regional Board Meetings
  8. Regional Board 2018 Schedule of Meetings
  9. Election and Voting Procedure Consolidated Bylaw No. 2900
  10. Electoral Area Map
  11. Electoral Area Information
  12. Candidate’s Guide
  13. Elector Organization Guide to Local Elections
  14. Foundational Principles of Responsible Conduct
  15. Local Elections Campaign Financing Act
  16. Guide to Local Elections Campaign Financing in B.C.
  17. What Every Candidate Needs to Know
  18. Thinking of Running for Local Office – Potential Candidate Videos
  19. Thinking of Running For Local Office



Electoral Area A

Salmon River-Lakes

Electoral Area C

Chilako River-Nechako

Electoral Area D

Tabor Lake-Stone Creek

Electoral Area E


Electoral Area F

Willow River-Upper Fraser

Electoral Area G

Crooked River-Parsnip

Electoral Area H

Robson Valley-Canoe