Wastewater Systems / Willow River Sewer

A referendum on the proposed Willow River Community Sewer and Water service was held on Saturday, February 5, 2011.  In the referendum, voters were asked whether they were in favour of borrowing up to $2,283,000 to establish a community sewer and water service in the Willow River area.  The final results showed 67 votes in favour, with 25 opposed.  The $2.283 million represents one third of the estimated project costs.

Link to the Declaration of Official Results

The next phase for this project is to investigate and apply for infrastructure grant funding for the remaining two thirds of construction costs.

For more information, please see the documents section.

Willow River Sewer Project Update March 2011 March2011.pdf (357 Kb)
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Willow River Sewer News October 2009 October2009.pdf (833 Kb)
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