Wastewater Systems / West Lake Sewer

Residents of the West Lake Estates area have requested construction of a new Community Sewer System to serve 23 residences. A BC Community Water Improvement Program Grant has been approved to help fund the project and the system is scheduled for construction in 2007.

The concept design calls for a septic tank effluent pump system and connected to a multi-cell facultative lagoon treatment system. Effluent discharge will be achieved by spray irrigation to a forested area.

To apply for connection to this system, please see information under Documents.

Application for Connection to System App_Connection_WL.pdf (30 Kb)
Application for Connection Checklist Checklist.pdf (13 Kb)
Homeowner Materials Requirements Materials.pdf (48 Kb)
Pipe Specifications Pipe_Specs.pdf (338 Kb)
Community Sewer Pump Options West_Lake_Pump_Options.pdf (134 Kb)