Wastewater Systems / Buckhorn Sewer

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George operates the Buckhorn Community Sewer System.

The  system services 28 residences, a volunteer firehall and an elementary school. Hookups consist of a septic tank and effluent pump (STEP) connection at each location and sewage discharge to a three cell lagoon treatment system.

At this time there is no spray irrigation operation.

To apply for connection to this system, please see the information listed under Documents & Resources.

Buckhorn STEP Installation Package Buckhorn_STEP_Installation_Package.pdf (1121 Kb)

Please contact the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George at 960-4422

  • Each property owner will be supplied with a low pressure grinder pump at no cost. An information package with instructions for the installation of the tank and pump will be provided to each property owner. An Engineer will be available to inspect the tank installation prior to covering up.
  • The property owner will be responsible for the cost and installation of the following:
    • Removal of existing tank if required
    • Burying the new tank
    • Installation of electrical service from house to pump
    • Installation of sewer line from house to tank, and from tank to property line to connect to the collection main.
    • Do old septic tanks need to be removed?
According to the Northern Interior Health Authority, existing septic tanks can be decommissioned by filling them with gravel. This will prevent settlement of the ground over the tank.
Yes. The new system is a low pressure grinder pump system and your existing 2-stage septic tank is not compatible.
A prepayment option is being considered. Timing of payment and the amount is unknown at this time.