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Update on Evacuation Order Mountain View Rd

5 hours ago Jul 5, 2020

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Resident Notice - Dore River Area

Jun 23, 2020

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Solid Waste Management / Transfer Stations

•Project management for construction of new transfer stations.
•Operation of 18 regional transfer stations
•Administration of waste hauling and servicing contracts

Most transfer stations provide opportunities for recycling, centralized composting of yard and garden waste, "Swap shed" waste exchange areas, residential waste disposal by way of on-site transfer stations and limited commercial waste disposal.

Some sites take oil, antifreeze, batteries, propane cylinders, tires, refrigerators and scrap metal.

All loads arriving at Regional District facilities must be secured. Please CLICK HERE for further information on acceptable methods of securing your load.

Please view transfer station brochures below for more information.

Bear Lake Regional Transfer Station Brochure Bear-Lake-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (125 Kb)
Berman Lake Regional Transfer Station Brochure Berman-Lake-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (198 Kb)
Buckhorn Regional Transfer Station Brochure Buckhorn-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (154 Kb)
Chief Lake Regional Transfer Station Brochure Chief-Lake-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (109 Kb)
Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station Brochure Cummings-Rd-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (177 Kb)
Dunster Regional Transfer Station Brochure Dunster-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (195 Kb)
Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill Brochure Foothills-Boulevard-Regional-Landfill.pdf (419 Kb)
Hixon Regional Transfer Station Brochure Hixon-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (110 Kb)
Illegal Dumping Brochure Illegal-Dumping.pdf (3994 Kb)
Legrand Demolition and Construction Waste Landfill Brochure Legrand-DLC-Landfill.pdf (207 Kb)
Mackenzie Transfer Station Brochure Mackenzie-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (410 Kb)
Mackenzie Select Waste Landfill Brochure Mackenzie-Select-Waste-Landfill.pdf (414 Kb)
McBride Transfer Station Brochure McBride-Transfer-Station.pdf (510 Kb)
McLeod Lake Regional Transfer Station Brochure McLeod-Lake-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (153 Kb)
Miworth Regional Transfer Station Brochure Miworth-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (182 Kb)
Quinn Street Recycling and Transfer Station Brochure Quinn-Recycling-and-Transfer-Station.pdf (354 Kb)
Shelley Regional Transfer Station Brochure Shelley-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (123 Kb)
Summit Lake Regional Transfer Station Brochure Summit-Lake-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (208 Kb)
Valemount Transfer Station Brochure Valemount-Transfer-Station.pdf (639 Kb)
Vanway Recycling Depot and Transfer Station Brochure Vanway-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (252 Kb)
West Lake Regional Transfer Station Brochure West-Lake-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (190 Kb)
Willow River Regional Transfer Station Brochure Willow-River-Regional-Transfer-Station.pdf (180 Kb)