Current Applications / BYLAW-3192-3193


Location.jpgItem No.:  Robson Valley-Canoe Downstream Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1948, Amendment
Bylaw No. 3192, 2020; Zoning Bylaw No. 2892, Amendment Bylaw No. 3193, 2020

Project Type:  Zoning and Official Community Plan Amendment

Owner/Agent:  Owner: Province of British Columbia Agent: Raj Basran

Location:  McBride Rural - Electoral Area 'H'

Purpose:  An application has been made for amendments to the Official Community Plan (OCP) and zoning bylaw to permit Sawmill use and Wood Products Manufacturing and Processing use. The subject land is a 2.68 ha Crown tenure parcel proposed for log storage.

RDFFG Contact:  Daniel Burke, Planner II, 250-960-4400



  Public Hearing Meeting


 Regional District Board Consideration

For Further Information:

See public hearing notice above for further details including how to provide comment before and during the public hearing.





At this time this application has not been placed onto a Board Agenda for further consideration.