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Building Permits:

The Regional District is currently  experiencing a high volume of building applications at this time. Due to limited staffing please note building permits may take up to two weeks for issuance. To ensure your permit won’t experience further delays please include all necessary documents for your build.  We will not accept incomplete or partial applications. - July 24, 2020


2018 BC Building Code

Good News,

The Province of B.C. is now offering the BC Building, Plumbing and Fire Codes online at no charge.

The free online access is available at  Printed copies of BC code material will also be made available at a reduced cost.  This aligns with the Federal Government of Canada's recently announced changes to the National Model Codes.  

For more details you can visit or

For questions email:


Protection of Foamed Plastics

According to the 2018 BC Building Code ALL exposed foam plastics are required to be thermally protected.  This will include the rim joists in an unfinished basement.

Please see this link for the information memo that was distributed to the Canadian Home Builders Association of Northern BC – Advocacy & Government Relations Committee.

Mechanical Checklist required for Single Family Dwellings

The BC Building Code contains requirements for the introduction of fresh air into BC residences and the exhaust of stale, moisture-laden air. These requirements protect your health and the structural integrity of your dwelling unit.  Residential dwelling units, such as houses, apartments and secondary suites are required to have a principal ventilation system that exhausts air from bathrooms and kitchens and supplies fresh air to bedrooms and living areas. The principal ventilation system is intended to create a continuous flow of fresh air through the dwelling unit. 

The use of the mechanical ventilation checklist verifies that proper design steps have been taken to ensure the mechanical system has been designed to meet the requirements of BC Building Code and to ensure that the system is exchanging the right amount of air to maintain a balanced system. Exhausting too much air with a high CFM fan can cause depressurization in the house and an additional makeup air system would need to be installed.

Plumbing Permits

We now have a separate application for plumbing permits that is required for new or repaired plumbing fixtures 

Proof of Potable Water

Required for any construction project that has not had existing plumbing.

Proof of Liability Insurance

If a registered professional is required to provide Letters of Assurance for the construction project, a proof of liability certificate must be provided and submitted.


The BC Building Code prohibits an excavation to be allowed to freeze throughout the entire construction period.  This is in place in order to limit the probability of ice lens formation beneath foundations, which could lead to the excessive vertical movement of the soil, which could result in excessive stress on foundations that could cause structural damage to foundations and superstructures.

The BC Building Code states: Protection from Freezing
1) The bottom of excavations shall be kept from freezing throughout the entire construction period.
It is the homeowner and contractors responsibility to ensure that an appropriate amount of heat is supplied to the excavation.

If you have any questions please contact the Regional District Building Inspections.

Information for Spray Foam Applications

If you are installing or having spray foam installed on your construction project the BC Building Code 2012 and Regional District have requirements to be followed.  See this link for more information.