Building Inspection / Permit

Building permits are required to:

  • Construct any new building or structure
  • Construct a new accessory building over 10 m2
  • Make alternations, additions or repairs to an existing building or structure
  • Locate or relocate a manufactured or mobile home on a lot
  • Remodel or construct a deck attached to another building
  • Construct a free standing deck more than 24" above finished grade
  • Install or alter plumbing within a building or structure
  • Install a new chimney or fireplace
  • Install a wood stove, fireplace insert or solid fuel burning appliance
  • Enclose your carport or change your garage to living space
  • Change the use/occupancy of an existing building (i.e. from storage to residential)
  • Demolish or relocate a building or structure

NOTE: A detached accessory building less than 10 m2 (107.6 ft2) is exempt from requiring a Building Permit, but must still meet setback requirements specified in the Zoning Bylaw.

For more information see link to Publications and Forms.

If you are unsure whether your project will require a permit, please contact Building Inspection Services.


Building Inspection / Building Permit Application

Click on the link that best describes your project for the applicable permit application and instructions:

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