Building Inspection / Publications and Forms


Application Forms

Please download the appropriate application, print it off and bring it to the Regional District office with all other paperwork required.  Please click on the applicable application(s) below for a detailed list of required documentation.

Application for Plumbing Permit Application_for_Plumbing_Permit.pdf (34 Kb)
Appointment of Agent -to be used in support of a permit application Appointment-of-Agent.pdf (15 Kb)
Checklist for Accessory Buildings, Garages and Other Building_Checklist_for_Accessory.pdf (138 Kb)
Checklist for Single Family Dwellings Building_Checklist_Single_Family_Dwelling.pdf (139 Kb)
Application for a Permit to Construct, Alter or Repair a Building or Structure Building_Permit_Application.pdf (144 Kb)
Application for Complex Buildings Complex_Building__Application.pdf (205 Kb)
Demolition Permit Application Form Demolition-Permit-Application.pdf (66 Kb)
Mechanical Checklist Mechanical_Checklist.pdf (581 Kb)
Moving Permit Application Moving_Permit_Application.pdf (38 Kb)

Information Brochures

Climatic Data including Map CLIMATIC_DATA.pdf (389 Kb)
Accessory Building Brochure Accessory_Building_Brochure.pdf (249 Kb)
Mobile Home Brochure Mobile_Home_Brochure.pdf (445 Kb)
Robson Valley - Single Family Dwelling Brochure.pdf Robson_Valley_-_Single_Family_Dwelling_Brochure.pdf (235 Kb)
Robson Valley Accessory Brochure.pdf Robson_Valley_Accessory_Brochure.pdf (221 Kb)
Single Family Dwelling Brochure.pdf Single_Family_Dwelling_Brochure.pdf (207 Kb)
Information for Spray Foam Applications.pdf Information_for_Spray_Foam_Applications.pdf (71 Kb)

Sample Drawings

Sample building plans to submit with application SampleBldgPlans.pdf (299 Kb)
Sample Site Plan to accompany Building Permit SampleSitePlan.pdf (20 Kb)
Rafter addition to manufactured home sample Mobile_home_rafter_addition-Res-rev2013.pdf (48 Kb)
Manufactured home skirting options Mobile_Home_Skirting_Options-Res-2013.pdf (74 Kb)
Manufactured home truss option for addition Mobile_home_Truss-Res-rev2013.pdf (43 Kb)
Perimeter drain installation sample DRAINAGE-_Residential_drainage.pdf (70 Kb)
Cantilever insulation installation option Insulated_Cantilever_Residential-rev2013.pdf (47 Kb)
Notching and drilling of framing members NOTCHING_&_DRILLING-RES-rev2013.pdf (41 Kb)
Basement bedroom window egress detail Basement_window_well-res-rev2013.pdf (71 Kb)
Manufactured Home Final Requirements MHF_Final_Requirements.pdf (16 Kb)
Mobile Home Drawings Mobile_home_drawings_for_web.pdf (496 Kb)
Shop/Garage Sample Pack Shop-Garage-sample-drawings-package.pdf (119 Kb)
File Scanned at 04/27/21 12:41:39 Information_for_Spray_Foam_Applications_with_watermark.pdf (71 Kb)