Building Inspection / Building Inspection Schedule


The owner or agent is responsible to contact the Regional District for inspections at the following stages, giving the inspector 48 hours notice:


Building Construction or Alteration Inspection Schedule

Footings: When footing forms are complete, prior to pouring concrete.
Foundation: When foundation wall forms are complete, prior to pouring.
Backfill: When the perimeter drain rock, drain tile and damproofing is complete, prior to backfilling.
Rough-in Plumbing: When rough-in plumbing is complete with water or air test.
Pre-slab: After the soil gas control is installed, prior to pouring concreter floor slab.
Masonry Fireplace: When masonry fireplace is constructed to the smoke chamber and again when the chimney is complete prior to interior or exterior finish
Framing: When framing, exterior sheathing, fire stopping, bracing, plumbing and electrical are complete and prior to installing drywall or other finish being applied.  The plan-checked drawings and engineer stamped truss details must be on site.
Chimney: When the chimney is installed prior to interior or exterior finish
Insulation: When insulation and vapour barrier are completed, prior to installing drywall or other finish.
Solid Fuel Burning Appliance: When the Solid Fuel Burning Appliance installation is complete.
Occupancy/Final: When building is complete, prior to occupancy.  If Engineer’s Assurance is required no occupancy will be granted until the Assurance has been received. Must have sewage final approval and proof of potable water prior to occupancy/final inspection.


Manufactured Home Inspection Schedule


When the following are complete:

  • Ground cover is installed under home
  • Home anchored to foundation
  • Skirting is installed with ventilation and access door
  • Landing and stairs are installed at every exit door
  • Final grade of property to slope away from home

Sewage system must be approved prior to final inspection.

Footing/Foundation: When excavation is complete, prior to pouring concrete.