Building Inspection / Applying for a Building Permit

Applying for a Building Permit

Building Permits are required for any new construction, alteration, addition, moving or demolition of a structure (including Manufactured Home Foundations) in the Regional District of Fraser Fort George. A registered owner or agent for the owner may apply for the building permit.

Only complete applications will be accepted for processing.

Required for all permits: 

  • Building Permit Application
  • One (1) copy of a Site Plan (not required if Development Permit on file)
  • Two (2) copies of Building Plans to scale – ¼” per foot (preferred) 11 X 17 or larger
  • Title Search (within 3 months)

Required supporting documents (dependent on permit type and location of property) see Building Permit Checklist

Building Permit Application Form

An application to construct, Alter or Repair a Building or Structure (including Manufactured Home Foundations) is available for download here.  Please read the information on this page to determine any other permits, restrictions, or outside agency requirements that may affect your project and other documents or permits that may be required to accompany your application. Building permit fees are calculated based on square footage and value of the project excluding land.

If you have any questions about completing the application form, please call our Service Centre at 250-960-4400.

Site Plan

The owner is responsible for ensuring that the siting of all buildings and structures meets the requirements of all bylaws and regulations.

The Site plan must include the following:

  • name of adjacent roads and dimensions of property (outside property line measurements)
  • distance of all proposed and existing buildings from the property lines and from other buildings
  • distance of proposed buildings from any body of water or watercourse (horizontal and vertical distance from natural boundary of seasonal creek, lake, river, marsh, etc.)
  • location of proposed and existing driveways in relation to lot lines and any nearby existing driveways across the road (required for assigning a house number)

Building Plans

Construction Plans to scale – ¼” per foot (preferred) 11 X 17 or larger that are to include:

  • foundation plan showing footings and foundation walls

  • floor plan showing detailed layout and measurements

  • cross section showing details of:

    • footings, foundation, all framing

    • posts and beams

    • floor & roof structures

    • interior & exterior finishing

Must meet requirements of example that can be downloaded here.

Title Search

Provide a copy of a current (within 3 months) land title document for proof of ownership.  If you do not have a copy you can obtain one from


Applicants must confirm with Development Services as to whether or not the property is in a Development Permit Area in which case a Development Permit will be required for the protection of the area. 


Applicants must confirm with Development Services that zoning corresponds with building plans. 

Plumbing Permit

A plumbing permit is required for each building permit that has plumbing plans. Fees for plumbing permits are $100.00 for the first 10 fixtures and $6.00 for each additional fixture.

Onsite Sewage

If the new building involves any plumbing, a copy of the Record of Sewerage System filed with the Northern Health Authority is required. Final approval of the installation/alteration of the sewage disposal system is required prior to an occupancy inspection on new buildings.

If an addition or alteration involves additional bedrooms or plumbing, documentation from a Registered On Site Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP) advising if the present sewage disposal system will accommodate the changes will be required. If alterations or improvements to the sewerage system are necessary, a copy of the Record of Sewerage System filed with the Northern Health Authority will be required.

Owner/Authorization Forms

Authorization forms must be completed by the owner of the property enabling their contractor or other persons to take out permits and call for inspections on the owners behalf.

Licensing and Consumer Services - Home Warranty Insurance

New homes and large additions to homes or manufactured homes as defined in the Homeowner Protection Act requires authorization provided by BC Housing before building permits can be issued.. 

Please visit: for more details.

Truss Details

Two sets of engineered stamped truss details are required. Stamped truss details are not always available when applying for a permit. Truss details without an engineer’s stamp can be submitted but must replaced with stamped copies prior to a framing inspection.

Registered Professional (Engineer or Architect)

Is an Engineer or an Architect required for this project? See list of projects requiring a registered professional here.

Registered Professional Proof of Liability Insurance

Certificate of Insurance must be submitted by an Engineer or Architect for every project where a Registered Professional is required.

Mechanical Ventilation Checklist

The home owner is responsible for installing an adequate ventilation system that exhausts air from bathrooms and kitchens and supplies fresh air to bedrooms and living areas.  See Mechanical Ventilation Checklist here.

Proof of Potable Water

Prior to occupancy inspection assurance of the supply of potable water must be provided for all projects requiring a plumbing permit. 

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes, sometimes referred to as mobile or modular homes, are an economical housing solution that have evolved from trailers and are now longer, heavier and more rigidly constructed. Because they are seldom moved once placed on a property, as much planning should go into the installation of a manufactured home as would be needed for a site built home.

All manufactured homes produced in Canada are required to carry a Canadian Standards Association Certification; either CSA Z240 for manufactured homes, or CSA A277 for modular homes.
Manufactured homes used as residences on all properties within the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George must bear a valid CSA certification decal, to be approved for use as a dwelling unit. The decal is usually found affixed to the cladding just to the left of the main entrance. When making non-structural changes to the exterior of a manufactured home, do not remove or deface the CSA decal.
Manufactured homes are required to be set up in a manner that meets or exceeds the BC Building Code, CSA standards and manufacturer’s instructions for site preparations, foundations and anchorage. 
Samples of manufactured home construction details are available here.
When ready for inspections, consult Inspection Requirements for Manufactured Homes to ensure that all items have been completed.

Inspection Schedule

Inspections must be completed at varying stages during the project. A typical inspection schedule can be viewed here.

Visit our FAQ page for more information.