Fraser-Fort George Endowment Funds

The Fraser-Fort George Endowment Funds are now accepting applications for the 2019 Grant year, intake closes March 4, 2019.  For more information read the following:


Community foundations are charitable organizations which primarily manage and operate the permanent collection of endowed funds, the earnings of which are used for the long-term benefit of a geographically defined community, in perpetuity. Community foundation endowment funds will provide grants to non-profit societies for community and social enhancement within the community area.

The establishment of each of the Fraser-Fort George Endowment Funds was a result of five electoral areas (A, C, E, F, and G) participating in Northern Development Initiative Trust’s Community Foundation Matching Grant Program which provided $50,000 from a regional development account in matched funding to assist with the establishment of a dedicated endowment. The matching funding came from each electoral area’s Community Grants-In-Aid budget. The Prince George Community Foundation has facilitated the establishment of the funds and manages the investment of the permanent funds. Donations of charitable gifts will be invested in these permanent trust funds. It is the investment income generated from the permanent funds that allow an opportunity for community groups or organizations in the electoral areas to apply for grant funds to support eligible projects.

Grant Funding

The Grants Committee for the Fraser-Fort George Endowment Funds accepts grant applications for the:

  • Salmon River-Lakes Endowment Fund
  • Hixon-Woodpecker Endowment Fund
  • Crooked River-Parsnip Endowment Fund
  • Chilako River-Nechako Endowment Fund
  • Willow River-Upper Fraser Endowment Fund

The Fraser-Fort George Endowment Funds have been granting out funds since 2015. Examples of the type of projects that have been successful in receiving funding in past years are:

Recreation Site Catalogue                                            Creek Rehabilitation
Equestrian Equipment                                                   Playground Upgrade
Trail Development                                                         Signage
Ball Field Improvements                                                Musical Instruments
Ice Rink Improvements                                                 Audio Visual Equipment
Community Hall Equipment                                          Senior’s Recreation
Community Hall Upgrades                                            Preparation of a Needs Assessment
Equestrian Property Upgrades                                     Recreation Event
Well Improvements                                                       First Aid Training
Establishment of a Resource Lending Program           Memorial Bench

The 2019 Grant Application intake is now open.

Please read through the Granting Guidelines before submitting a grant application. 

This link will take you to the application form as a Word document. To use this document please open the link and print the form, complete the form by hand, then follow the information contained in the Granting Guidelines to submit.  

If you prefer, this link will take you to an application that is a fillable pdf form. To use this form open the link, insert the information then follow the information contained in the Granting Guidelines to submit.  Please note the fillable pdf form cannot be submitted on-line, it must be printed off and then emailed, mailed or dropped off as specified.

Final reports from previous projects are to be received prior to the deadline of the new application intake.  The report form is available through the following link.

Fraser-Fort George Endowment Fund Grant Report Form

For Further Information Please Contact:

Meredith Burmaster, Fraser-Fort George Endowment Funds Grants Committee Liaison   Phone:  250-960-4441

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