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Media Releases 2019

Kicking off Waste Reduction Month by Talking Trash Trash-Talking.pdf (142 Kb)
Foothills Regional Landfill Active Face Fire - September 16, 2019 Foothills-Landfill-Fire-Sept-16-19.pdf (138 Kb)
Regional District urging rural residents to sign up for its public alerting system PAS-Media-Release.pdf (157 Kb)
Emergency Support Service Responders to gather in Prince George this weekend NESST-Conference.pdf (60 Kb)

Media Releases 2018

Voting Location Information for School District 57 and Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Voting-Day-2018.pdf (1447 Kb)
Elections Set for Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Notice-of-Voting-region-wide.pdf (49 Kb)
Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill Hours Landfill-hours-Sept-2018.pdf (42 Kb)
Regional District urges Caution this Long Weekend Long-Weekend-Caution.pdf (49 Kb)
Regional District to Survey Residents about Recycling recycling-survey.pdf (43 Kb)
Evacuation Order for Upper Mud River Rd 16125UpperMudRiverRd.pdf (228 Kb)
Evacuation Alert Issued for Upper Mud River Road Area Mud-River-Alert-Area-May-3.pdf (178 Kb)
Rising Temperatures Means Rising Water spring_freshet_prep.pdf (48 Kb)
Regional District 2018 Budget Highlights BudgetHighlights2018.pdf (185 Kb)
Arts, Culture, Heritage Grants Awarded Arts-Culture-Grants.pdf (852 Kb)
Statement from RDFFG Chair Regarding Passenger Transportation Board Decision Statement-PTB-decision.pdf (42 Kb)

Media Releases 2017

Update on Fire near McBride Timber Rd South MTRS-fire-July-9-0930.pdf (983 Kb)
Evacuation Alert Issued for McBride Timber Rd South MTRS-fire-July8-1900.pdf (401 Kb)
Fire in Beaverly Beaverly-Fire-July-8-1645.pdf (983 Kb)
Commercial Cardboard Diversion Program to begin in July at the Foothills Landfill Cardboard-Diversion.pdf (979 Kb)
Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada Emergency-Preparedness-Week.pdf (51 Kb)
Regional District meeting in McBride May 18th McBride-Board-meeting.pdf (48 Kb)
McBride Mill Fire Cause Determined McBride-Mill-Fire-Cause-Determined.pdf (45 Kb)
McBride Fire Update April 10, 2017 9:30am McBride-Fire-Update-Apr10-2017-930am.pdf (48 Kb)
McBride Fire Update April 9, 2017 4:00pm McBride-Fire-Update-Apr9-2017-4pm.pdf (48 Kb)
McBride Fire Update April 9, 2017 10:30am McBride-Fire-Update-Apr9-2017-1030am.pdf (48 Kb)
McBride Fire Update April 8, 2017 4:00pm McBride-Fire-Update-Apr8-2017-4pm.pdf (48 Kb)
McBride Fire Update April 8, 2017 10:00am McBride-Fire-Update-Apr8-2017-10am.pdf (49 Kb)
McBride Fire Update McBride-Fire-Update-April-7-2017.pdf (44 Kb)
Highlights of the 2017 Budget 2017-Budget-Package.pdf (121 Kb)