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Building Inspection

Application for Plumbing Permit Application_for_Plumbing_Permit.pdf (34 Kb)
Appointment of Agent -to be used in support of a permit application Appointment-of-Agent.pdf (15 Kb)
Checklist for Accessory Buildings, Garages and Other Building_Checklist_for_Accessory.pdf (138 Kb)
Checklist for Single Family Dwellings Building_Checklist_Single_Family_Dwelling.pdf (139 Kb)
Application for a Permit to Construct, Alter or Repair a Building or Structure Building_Permit_Application.pdf (144 Kb)
Application for Complex Buildings Complex_Building__Application.pdf (205 Kb)
Demolition Permit Application Form Demolition-Permit-Application.pdf (66 Kb)
Mechanical Checklist Mechanical_Checklist.pdf (581 Kb)
Moving Permit Application Moving_Permit_Application.pdf (38 Kb)

Community Facilities

Bear Lake Community Commission 2021 Meeting Schedule 2021_BLCC_Meeting_Schedule.pdf (98 Kb)

Community Services

Permissive Property Tax Exemption Permissive_Property_Tax_Exemption_Form_for_2022.pdf (126 Kb)


Application for Election Workers Election_Official_Application_Form.pdf (15 Kb)


Credit Card Use Authorization Form Credit_Card_Use_Authorization_Form.pdf (156 Kb)
EFT Application for Accounts Payable invoice payments (Vendors) EFT_Application.pdf (128 Kb)
Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill Credit Application Foothills-Landfill-Credit-Application.pdf (46 Kb)
Mackenzie Regional Landfill Credit Application Mackenzie-Landfill-Credit-Application.pdf (46 Kb)
Valemount & McBride Regional Transfer Stations/Legrand Landfill Credit Application Valemount-McBride-Legrand-Credit-Application.pdf (52 Kb)

Freedom of Information

Consent for Disclosure of Personal Information Consent-for-Disclosure-of-Personal-Information-Form.pdf (14 Kb)
Consent to Release Residential/Commercial Building Plans Consent-to-Release-Bldg-Plans-Form.pdf (178 Kb)
Request for Access to Records - Freedom of Information and Protection Policy Request-for-Access-to-Records-Form.pdf (187 Kb)
Realtor Request for Access to Records - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Request-for-Access-to-Records-Realtor-Form.pdf (160 Kb)

Grant Applications

Cultural Endowment Fund - Arts, Culture, Heritage Project Grant Arts-Culture-Heritage-Grant-Application-form.pdf (24 Kb)
Community Grants-in-Aid Application CGIA_Form_and_Guidelines.pdf (180 Kb)
Recreation Grant Application Rec_Grant_App_with_Guidelines.pdf (180 Kb)
Grant Application Form Regional_Grant_Application.pdf (28 Kb)

Land Use & Development

Application for Development Development_Application.pdf (802 Kb)


Regional Park Use Permit Application Park_Use_Permit_Application.pdf (25 Kb)

Solid Waste

Application for Acceptance of Controlled Waste Controlled_Waste_Application_Nov_2021.pdf (82 Kb)
Application for Exemption of Tipping Fees (Reduce/Reuse Non-Profit Charities) Exemption-of-Tipping-Fees-Non-Profit-Charities.pdf (61 Kb)
Application for Disposal of Waste at Legrand Landfill Legrand_Disposal_Application.pdf (22 Kb)

Liquid Waste

Bendixon Sewer Bendixon_Connection_Application.pdf (303 Kb)
Buckhorn Sewer Buckhorn_Connection_Application.pdf (131 Kb)
Summit Lake Sewer Summit_Lake_Connection_Application.pdf (151 Kb)
West Lake Sewer West_Lake_Connection_Application.pdf (387 Kb)